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Drop Ticket

Pittsburgh Brokerage Services Drop Ticket is an easy-to-use, multi-carrier life insurance quoting and drop ticket platform for producers. It features fast, accurate quoting and a short form to get the process started. No more applications to complete, signatures to obtain and forms to chase down. It is simple, secure and profitable!


A diversified selection of top-rated, competitive, national life insurance companies.

Health Analyzer

A unique interface designed to determine a client’s best life insurance options based on current insurance company underwriting niches. Examine the top seven key health categories most important in determining an applicant’s product and rate class requirements.

Needs Calculator

Use this simple tool to advise your clients on how much life insurance they should own.

Quote and Drop Ticket

Input some basic information about the client to see a list of quotes from the nation’s top-rated, competitively priced insurance companies. Drop a ticket and move on…

Support Teams

Your Drop Ticket new business team will complete all state and carrier specific forms, complete the phone interview, confirm the exam, obtain signatures and quality check the application before submitting it to the carrier. Your Pittsburgh Brokerage Services team will manage the case with you until it is in force and commissions paid.


You can expect the same great compensation levels when you use this platform. There is no compensation reduction for use of the service.