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Life Made Simple

Doing life insurance business with Pittsburgh Brokerage Services just got easier.

  • NO MORE: Sending large application packets from your office to clients for completion!
  • NO MORE: Asking clients uncomfortable personal and medical questions!
  • NO MORE: Calling and emailing clients for missing information on the application!
  • MORE: Time to spend on your core business!

How simple is it? Just five easy steps!

  1. A Pittsburgh Brokerage Services Representative will work closely with you to develop the opportunity for your client.
  2. You complete the one page “Life Made Simple” Application Request.
  3. Provide the best day and time for the Pittsburgh Brokerage Services internal team to contact your client(s). The Pittsburgh Brokerage Services team will call your client(s) at the desired time to complete the application and schedule the medical exam.
  4. Pittsburgh Brokerage Services will send the application packet to you for client(s) signatures via Priority Mail or email.
  5. Upon receipt of the signed application, the Pittsburgh Brokerage Services Representative or underwriting case manager will keep you informed on the progress of approval.

Ready to get started?